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Business model

Near Term Production, Long Term Scalability



  • Developing significant scalable, first-mover positions in large-scale energy transition projects
  • Harnessing Africa’s unique resources to provide affordable and sustainable energy
  • Contributing to a cleaner energy future and providing solutions to security and sustainability
  • Overarching focus on improving accessibility to and provision of vital resources

Transitional Gas

Delivering a strategic located and material new natural gas province


Equity position

  • Fast-tracking development of Anchois
  • Unlocking wider material upside exploration potential in a basin-scale opportunity
  • Developing important long-term resources for energy-hungry markets in Morocco and Europe
  • Developing gas-to-industry partnership with Vivo Energy

Transitional Power

Developing some of the largest renewable energy projects in Africa


Renewable Projects

  • Developing large renewable energy projects across Africa
  • Diversifying future revenue streams with the electricity trading platform in South Africa
  • Expanding growth trajectory across the continent – with gross pipeline opportunity of c.2 GW
  • Looking to provide affordable access to water for private offtakers and municipalities in Africa, as part of the Group’s commitment to socially responsible development

Green Hydrogen

Building a world-class green hydrogen portfolio

10 GW

Electrolysis Potential

  • Developing one of the world’s top 10 green hydrogen projects in Mauritania – Project Nour
  • Partnering with leading international renewable energy player – Total Eren
  • Looking to build a portfolio of world-class green hydrogen projects
  • Working on proof-of-concept projects in Morocco to showcase project delivery and generate early revenues

Business Synergies

  • Our portfolio offers a range of investment opportunities across different geographies, energy sources and development phases. Each pillar has relevance to the other, they share important synergies and each of our projects has the potential to become an important part of the supply chain within the countries in which we operate.
  • We have individual teams working on each part of the business but our shared network, ideas, vision and strategy is fundamental to the Group.
  • We will look to capitalise on these shared benefits whilst we grow the individual businesses within the Chariot stable.